Graduate School ofPharmaceutical

  • Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Doctor of Philosophy / Medicinal Sciences
  • Researcher etc.
  • Medicinal Sciences
  • International Course in Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (M.S./Ph.D.)
  • Research StudentsApril Admission: Early December, 2022
    October Admission: Early June 2023
  • Master’s ProgramOctober Admission: Mid to late July, 2023
  • Doctoral ProgramApril Admission:
    1st Application Period: Mid to late July, 2022
    2nd Application Period: Mid to late November, 2022
    October Admission:
    1st Application Period: Mid to late November, 2022
    2nd Application Period: Mid to late July, 2023


The basic philosophy of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is to deepen the integration of material science and the biological science, and to seek systematically studying those sciences related to drug discovery and the environment for prevention and treatment of diseases to maintain and improve our health.

And by returning our research results to the advanced knowledge and aging society of the 21st century as in the form of specific science technologies and skills, our goal is to contribute to the medical care and welfare of humankind.

As the example of strengthening our functions by taking advantage of our unique characteristics and strength, our mission is “to foster drug discovery researchers by utilizing cross-disciplinary education and research system that unites research units related to Drug Discovery And Development and Drug Fostering And Evolution” and “to promote our original research such as pain research and Green Pharma Research (environment harmony type Drug Fostering And Evolution research)”. In addition, the formation of a drug discovery center to promote the human and earth friendly “Green Pharma Research” which is unique to the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, is being accelerated.

Student’s Voice

What is your research about?
My research is about biochemical and metabolomics profile of novel synthetic cannabinoids and abuse of drugs. The Pharmaceutical Sciences Doctoral program enriches my scientific knowledge and broadens my researcher mindset as well. Critical thinking and professional development are constantly reassured as the participation in local, and international scientific meetings make me encouraged. Moreover, I am very proud that highly specialized professors from diverse pharmaceutical fields are continuously guiding my research, enhancing the skills and techniques in order to achieve higher standards of academic excellence. If research is your passion and you are up to the scientific challenge, the Pharmaceutical Sciences Doctoral course is your home.
What is an advantage of Kyushu University?
The Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is design in such ways that provides the researcher with a complete range of modern equipment to perform high-end scientific analysis. The interdisciplinary collaboration among departments confers the student a high degree of confidence to execute and succeed in his academic goals.
(From Republic of Honduras)



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