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Scholarships Offered by Private Organizations

Important Notes

Those considering applying for a scholarship for privately funded international students should carefully read the following important notes and ensure that they understand them.

  • When applying for a scholarship, please ensure that you read the application guidelines carefully before you apply. Some students have had their scholarships withdrawn because they applied without understanding the application guidelines.
  • Many scholarships require the applicant to hold a Student Visa. Some scholarships do not permit applications by individuals with a different Visa such as Dependent (Family stays) or Permanent Resident.
  • Many scholarships prohibit combined awards(※) or impose restrictions on the sum that may be received in combined awards.
    Please take particular care to check the application guidelines for conditions on the receipt of combined awards.
    ※Combined award: Receiving multiple scholarships at the same time.
  • Many scholarships require applicants to have sufficient Japanese proficiency to complete the application form and undergo a selection interview. Many scholarships publish their application guidelines in Japanese only.
  • Many scholarships are open only to international students who are already enrolled at Kyushu University. There are few scholarships for which international students can apply before enrollment.
  • All scholarships receive many applications and are highly competitive. Applying for a scholarship is no guarantee of acceptance.
  • Please refer to the Scholarship Guidebook
    that international students at Kyushu University have put together, as this has advice about how to complete scholarship application forms and tips about the selection interviews.

    Scholarship Guidebook

Scholarships offered by private foundations

1. Types

Scholarships for privately funded international students offered by private foundations are the following two types.

(1) University nomination
  1. A selection at each Undergraduate School and Graduate School
  2. A selection within whole university to decide the candidates for the university nomination
  3. A selection at each private foundation to decide the scholars

You can be rejected eventually although you are recommended by the university (2) as the final decision of scholars is made by each foundation. Also, you can be rejected although you are recommended by your Undergraduate School or Graduate School (1) as a result of university nomination (2).

(2) Direct application

Some private foundations call for direct application by student themselves. Those considering applying for a scholarship need to visit the website of the foundation to check the application details and apply for it by themselves.

2. Scholarship information

The latest scholarship information for privately funded international students is available here

Scholarship information

The application deadline of the university nomination scholarships are different in each Undergraduate School and Graduate School. Also, some scholarships close their application period very soon after the notification. When you find a scholarship which you wish to apply for, you should visit the Student Affairs Division of your Undergraduate School or Graduate School as soon as possible.

Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed

International Students

This scholarship is offered by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).
The applications are basically opened twice a year, spring and fall. However, the applications are not necessarily opened every year.

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)


Undergraduate School…Degree-seeking students only
Graduate School…Research students or degree- seeking students


¥48,000 / month


1 year or 6 months

How to apply

Applications for scholarships for privately funded international students are generally accepted via the Student Affairs Section. If you have found a scholarship for which you wish to apply, please inquire with the Student Affairs Section at the undergraduate or graduate school at which you wish to study and then ensure that you carefully check all the details concerning the application method and eligibility requirements for applicants. The contact details of the Student Affairs Section at each undergraduate and graduate school can be found here;

Undergraduate School
Graduate School

If you are not a student in Kyushu U, please visit here as well.