Kyushu U 3MT Competition


This is an international competition in which participants give a three-minute presentation on their research in English, using only one slide. It started in 2008 at the University of Queensland (Australia), one of our partner universities, and has become a well-known and highly regarded competition with over 900 universities in 85 countries participating.
The 3MT aims to refine students’ academic research, presentation, and research communication skills. In addition, students are required to explain their research in a way that can be understood by non-specialist audience so that more people can learn about their research.

University of Queensland

Kyushu U 3MT Competition

Schedule (Tentative)

※This is the schedule as of April 26th, 2021. It is subject to change in the future. Will update as needed.

  • April 26th: Open for Application
  • Third week of May :Briefing session (Zoom)(Experienced UQ student will be invited)
  • June 13th :Dead line for submission of slides and abstract (200 words)
    *Depending on the number of applicants, there will be a first screening.
  • Around June 24th :Preparation session for 1st round applicants (online)
  • July 5th :Deadline for submission of video and slides
  • Late July:Kyushu U 3MT Competition (Zoom)


Students enrolled in the doctoral course of Kyushu University
*The winner will be able to participate in the Virtual 3MT International Competition.
*Students must be enrolled in the doctoral course of Kyushu University as of July 2021.

How to Apply

Students who wish to participate in Kyushu U 3MT competition are requested to apply from the following URL by Sunday, June 13.

Apply here

Prizes (Research Grant)

  1. First Prize
    Research grant of 300,000 yen, support until the main competition (brush-up, video shooting, etc.), and Certificate
  3. Runner-Up
    Research grant of 200,000 yen, and Certificate
  5. People’s Choice
    Research grant of 100,000 yen, and Certificate
*The research grant will be allocated to the awardees’ laboratory and will be managed by the faculty/graduate school.
*Please note that the allocated laboratory will use this research grant for the awardee’s research and will not use for any other purpose.

Why participate?

  • Improvement of communication skills
    In addition to academic presentation skills, you will be required to communicate about your research to non-specialist audiences, which will help you improve your communication skills to provide effective explanations.
  • Building a research culture
    Since participants come from a variety of fields, this is an opportunity to learn about each other’s research.
  • Building External relations
    International 3MT will provide to the represent their university excellent networking and professional development opportunities.


Global Engagement, International Affairs Department, Kyushu University