Kyushu U 3MT Competition

About 3MT

This is an international competition in which participants give a three-minute presentation on their research in English, using only one slide. It started in 2008 at the University of Queensland (Australia), one of our partner universities, and has become a well-known and highly regarded competition with over 900 universities in 85 countries participating.
The 3MT aims to refine students’ academic research, presentation, and research communication skills. In addition, students are required to explain their research in a way that can be understood by non-specialist audience so that more people can learn about their research.

University of Queensland

Kyushu U 3MT Competition

Kyushu U 3MT Competition has been held annually since 2021.

Application Guidelines
3MT Video Editing Tutorial


(As of May 13, 2024)

■ Kyushu U 3MT

  • April 22nd (Mon.):Open for Application
  • May 10th (Fri.):Briefing session (About 3MT and required applications)
    Click here to watch the video * Only available to the Kyushu U community
  • June 14th (Fri.):Dead line for submission of slides and a video
  • June 24th (Mon.):Notification of 1st round selection results (tentative)
  • *Applicants who pass the 1st round will be given a period to brush up their slides and videos.
  • Late July:Kyushu U 3MT Competition (TBA)
  • During August:Brush-up period for winners’ slides and video
  • Early September:Filming of video to be submitted to UQ
  • September 27th (Wed.):Deadline for video submission to UQ
■ Asia-Pacific 3MT Competition
  • October 8th (Tue.):Semi-final Showcase *Online Showcase published on the 3MT website
  • October 21th (Mon.):Final Showcase *Finalists announced / Online Showcase published on the 3MT website
  • October 30th (Wed.):Final *Video Viewing / Finalist Q&A / People Choice Vote / Announcement of Winners (Virtual)


Students enrolled in the doctoral course of Kyushu University
*Students must be enrolled in the doctoral course of Kyushu University as of July 2023.

How to Apply

Students who wish to participate in Kyushu U 3MT competition are requested to apply from the following URL by Friday, June 9.
(Note: Accessing the link, you may be required to log in with student ID.)

Kyushu U 3MT Competition is compliant with the official rule of the University of Queensland.
Please check the following sites carefully as well as the briefing session video when preparing your slides and videos.

The Asia-Pacific 3MT Competition
3MT Video Recording Competitor Guide

Prizes (Research Grants and Certificates)

  1. First Prize
    Research grant of 300,000 yen, support until the UQ 3MT competition (brush-up the presentation, video shooting, etc.)
  2. Runner-Up
    Research grant of 200,000 yen
  3. People’s Choice
    Research grant of 100,000 yen
*The research grant will be allocated to the awardees’ laboratories and will be managed by the faculty/graduate school.
*Please note that the allocated laboratories will use this research grant for the awardee’s research and will not use for any other purpose.

Why participate?

  • Improvement of communication skills
    In addition to academic presentation skills, you will be required to communicate about your research to non-specialist audiences, which will help you improve your communication skills to provide effective explanations.
  • Building a research culture
    Since participants come from a variety of fields, this is an opportunity to learn about each other’s research.
  • Building External relations
    International 3MT will provide to the represent their university excellent networking and professional development opportunities.

Message from winners


33 students from 10 graduate schools participated to Kyushu U 3MT Competition2021. Three students in the picture are winners for the competition among 10 finalists in the finals held in July 2021.
You can read our interview to the winners by clicking the image.

First Prize Winner Mariia Ivonina (Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences)(Middle in the image)
Runner-Up Award Winner Ryota Sakamoto (Graduate School of Science)(Right in the image)
People’s Choice Award Winner Yawen Song (Graduate School of Engineering)(Left in the image)
*Student grades are as of October 1, 2021.


Global Engagement, International Affairs Department, Kyushu University