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Tuition, Fee & Scholarships

Kyushu University Friendship Scholarship

◆The 2021 application is now open. (Updated on Oct. 27, 2020)◆

  • Please read carefully the application information below to confirm the eligibilities and application procedure.
  • As mentioned in the application information, those who don’t find a potential supervisor in Kyushu University can’t apply for this scholarship. Firstly, please find a potential supervisor by using the database.
Application Information
Application Form (Form1)
Application Deadline

You need to apply at the student office of the School/Graduate School which you wish to enroll at Kyushu University by the following deadlines.We don’t accept any application at an office other than student office.
1st Term Application (Apr., 2021 – Sep., 2021) >>> [Deadline] Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 2020
2nd Term Application (Oct., 2021 – Mar., 2022) >>> [Deadline] Monday, May 10th, 2021