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SHARE-Q International Advisory Group (SIAG)

In line with SHARE-Q’s multifaceted goals, the university leadership invited in September 2016 a select group of international faculty to form the SHARE-Q International Advisory Group (SIAG) in hope that their experience and wisdom would help promote Kyushu U’s internationalization. Since then SIAG has organized a number of FDs for the university’s international community, and put together two comprehensive proposals on behalf of the Kyushu U President.

About SHARE-Q The university has since been striving to become the world’s leading research and education hub under the name of Strategic Hub Area for top-global Research and Education, Kyushu University”or SHARE-Q for short.

About TGU Kyushu U has been chosen as one of the 13 universities of the Top Global University (TGU) Project (Type A), a 10-year funding project launched by the Japanese government in 2014.
Top Global University Project (MEXT)

SIAG members

SIAG consists of international faculty members in Kyushu U as below.

Board Members

  • Johan Lauwereyns, Vice President and Professor, Faculty of Arts and Science
  • Jose M.M. Caaveiro, Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Natalie Konomi, Professor, Global Strategies Office
  • Ellen Van Goethem, Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities
  • Li Xiaoyan, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation
  • Osama Eljamal, Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Associate Board Member

  • Junhai Guo, Professor, International Student Center
  • Douglas Drummond, Professor, Faculty of Agriculture
  • Hemanta Hazarika, Professor, Faculty of Engineering
  • Scott Valentine, Professor, Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies
  • Andrew Hall, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies
  • Andrew Spring, Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering Sciences
  • Farzaneh Hooman, Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering Sciences
  • Huixin Liu, Associate Professor, Faculty of Sciences
  • Matthew Augustine, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies
  • Vishwajit Sur Chowdhury, Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts and Science
  • William KF Tse, Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture
  • Caleb Carter, Lecturer, Faculty of Humanities
  • Geerhardt Kornatowski, Lecturer, Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

(As of 1st Jan, 2022)

SIAG activities

SIAG’s outputs so far include:

Proposals for the Internationalization of Kyushu University

SIAG has submitted its proposals for the Internationalization of Kyushu University to the university leaders.

Proposal One:SIAG Proposals 2016
December, 2016.

Proposal Two:SIAG proposals 2019
September, 2019.

Proposal Three:SIAG proposals 2021
March, 2022

Faculty Development in English (FDE)

SIAG has organized a number of FDs, using English as the medium of communication (FDEs). The FDEs are designed to share information that are essential to the well-being and good performance of the university’s international community, but not readily available in English.

The absence of English communication often thwarts the international faculty from having access to the information essential to their good performance. Despite the fact that all our academic staff possess a considerable network of their own, moreover, the lack of interaction between Japanese and international faculty has made it difficult to fully utilize such potentially important resources. These FDEs have been conceived partly to deal with these problems. More information about the SIAG activities can be found at the link below.

1st FDE: Setting Up International Collaborations
2nd FDE: LIFE – Informative Pension System
3rd FDE: Funding Your Research
4th FDE: Internationalization of Kyushu University: How Would You Change It ?
5th FDE: What All Researchers Should Know about Copyright and Patents – Opportunities, Rights and Obligations
6th FDE: Dealing With Harassment: What Kyushu U can do to help
7th FDE: Deciding the Future of Kyushu University
8th FDE: Workshop: Online Teaching Experiences
9th FDE: Financial Planning in Japan: Medical System, Insurance and Loans
10th FDE: How to Maintain Mental Health (during a pandemic)?: Lessons from Applied Psychology
11th FDE: Toward a Bilingual Environment at Kyushu University