When QS-APPLE 2019 took place in Fukuoka in November 2019, the senior executives from Seoul National University (SNU) and Kyushu University (Kyushu) had a chance to discuss further collaborations in person. Both parties have identified each other as a high priority partner, and have agreed to work on deepening the links, for example, through organizing an annual joint symposium.



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2nd SNU-KYUSHU Joint Symposium

Plenary Session

JUNE 17 (THU) 09:30 – 11:00 *Event Finished

THEME: Digital Transformation in Higher Education

09:30 Opening Remarks

Welcome Remarks by President Se-Jung OH, SNU

Congratulatory Remarks by President Tatsuro ISHIBASHI, Kyushu

09:50 Introduction of Satellite Sessions (3min/session, 10 sessions)

10:20 Keynote Speech (1) Professor Hong-Gee KIM, SNU

“What do we prepare for the University 4.0 paradigm?”

10:35 Keynote Speech (2) Professor Koji OKAMURA, Kyushu

“How COVID19 changed network traffic”

10:50 Q&A Session

11:00 Closing

Satellite Sessions

Sessions are held individually during Thursday, June 17 till Friday, June 25.

Session 1: Changing climate and environment in East Asia

Date/Time: 13:00-17:00, June 17th / 09:30-12:00, June 18th

Advanced registration required: hirose★ (Please replace ★ with @)

Time Schedule

Organized by:
(SNU)Prof. Hanna NA, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
(Kyushu)Prof. Naoki HIROSE, Research Institute for Applied Mechanics
Session 2: Integrated Dentistry in the Future

Date/Time: 14:00-16:40, June 21st

Zoom ID: 899 2335 8093 / PW: 977051

Time Schedule

Organized by:
(SNU)Prof. Young-Seok PARK, School of Dentistry
(Kyushu)Prof. Eijiro JIMI, Faculty of Dental Sciences
Session 3: Materials Science for Energy Applications

Date/Time: 10:00-17:00, June 23rd

Advanced registration required: k-tanaka★ (Please replace ★ with @)

Time Schedule

Organized by:
(SNU)Prof. Myoung-Gyu LEE, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering
(Kyushu)Prof. Keiji TANAKA, Dept. Materials Science and Engineering
Session 4: Next Generation Anti-Cancer Strategies Targeting Tumor Microenvironment

Date/Time: 14:00-17:40, June 19th

ZOOM ID/PWD: 814 4657 7161 / 7845

Time Schedule

Organized by:
(SNU)Prof. Young-Joon SURH, Dept. of Molecular Medicine and Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology (GSCST) / Director of Tumor Microenvironment Research Center
(Kyushu)Prof. Koshi MIMORI, Kyushu University Beppu Hospital
Session 5: Nuclear Thermal-hydraulics and Safety

Date/Time: 09:40-17:10, June 24th

Time Schedule

Organized by:
(SNU)Prof. Hyoung Kyu CHO, Dept. of Nuclear Engineering, College of Engineering
(Kyushu)Prof. Koji MORITA, Dept. of Applied Quantum Physics & Nuclear Engineering
Session 6: Role and Function of University Forests: past, present and future

Date/Time: 13:00-17:30, June 22nd

Advanced registration required: intlkrcks.uok★ (Please replace ★ with @)

Time Schedule

Organized by:
(SNU)Prof. Kyu-Suk KANG, Dept. of Agriculture, Forestry and Bioresources, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
(Kyushu)Prof. Hiroki NAGASHIMA, Vice Director, Research Center for Korean Studies
Session 7: Environmental and Regional Sustainability

Date/Time: 09:00-12:00, June 23rd

Time Schedule

Organized by:
(SNU)Prof. Euijune KIM, Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
(Kyushu)Prof. Shigemi KAGAWA, Faculty of Economics
Session 8: Tackling Legal Issues in the Age of Global Health Crisis

Date/Time: 13:00-17:30, June 24th

Advanced registration required: ren.yatsunami★ (Please replace ★ with @)

Time Schedule

Organized by:
(SNU)Prof. Keun-Gwan LEE, School of Law
(Kyushu)Assoc.Prof. Ren YATSUNAMI, Faculty of Law
Session 9: Updates of gastric cancer research and treatment

Date/Time: 18:00-19:30, June 22nd

Advanced registration required: oki.eiji.857★ (Please replace ★ with @)

Time Schedule

Organized by:
(SNU)Dept. of Surgery, College of Medicine, SNU
(Kyushu)Assoc. Prof. Eiji OKI, Dept. of Surgery and Science, Kyushu University Hospital
Session 10: Workshop in Number Theory

Date/Time: 09:30-17:00 June 18th/ 09:30-17:00 June 19th
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Organized by:
(SNU)Prof. Dohyeong KIM, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, College of Natural Sciences
(Kyushu)Asst. Prof. Kenichi NAMIKAWA, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, KYUSHU

Staff Exchange Program

JUNE 18 (FRI) 10:00 – 17:00

Student Exchange Program: KOR-JPN Cultural Exchange VIDEO Contest

JUNE 24 (THU) 16:30 – 18:00 (Tentative)


The 1st SNU-KYUSHU Joint Symposium was held online September 9, 2020, under the theme of “Grow More Resilient: How University Inventions are Contributing to Unprecedented Global Crises”.

Special Website

Plenary Session

The plenary session in the morning opened with welcome remarks by President Chiharu KUBO and President Se-Jung OH from SNU.
Keynote lectures were then given by Professor Toshiharu NINOMIYA from Kyushu and Professor Chan-Soo SHIN from SNU.

Satellite Sessions

We held three Satellite Sessions, “Medicine”, “Environmental and Social Sustainability at Different Spatial Scales”, and “Materials Science and Engineering”


Professor Shuji SHIMIZU from Kyushu and Professor Ho-Seong HAN from SNU have built a good relationship in the field of telemedicine since 2004. For further collaboration of SNU and Kyushu, this medical session was conducted. This session was divided into 3 parts, gastroenterology, surgery and elderly care. For each topic, presentations were made from both sides, followed by fruitful discussions.

(SNU)①Prof. Jin-Hyeok HWANG, ②Prof. Ho-Seong HAN, ③Prof. Cheol Ho KIM
(Kyushu)①Assoc. Prof. Tomohiko MORIYAMA, Asst. Prof. Yuichi MATSUNO, ②Prof. Shuji SHIMIZU, Prof. Masafumi NAKAMURA, Asst. Prof. Kohei NAKATA, ③Prof. Masa HIGO
Environmental and Social Sustainability at Different Spatial Scales

This session was organized under the supervision of Professor Shigemi KAGAWA from Kyushu and Professor Euijune KIM from SNU. Many students participated in the session and lively discussions took place.

(SNU)Prof. KIM Euijune, Prof. KIM Brian H.S., Assoc. Prof. GIM Tommy Tae-Hyoung
(Kyushu)Prof. Shigemi KAGAWA, Assoc. Prof. Hidemichi FUJII, Assoc. Prof. Andrew CHAPMAN
Materials Science and Engineering

Under the supervision of Professor Atsushi TAKAHARA from Kyushu and Professor Yongsok SEO from SNU, researchers from both universities gave the latest case reports at the session.

(SNU)Prof. Yongsok SEO, Prof. Myoung-Gyu LEE, Asst. Prof. Min Sang KWON, Assoc. Prof. Jeong-Yun SUN, Asst. Prof. Seung-Kyun KANG
(Kyushu)Prof. Atsushi TAKAHARA, Assoc. Prof. Tomohiro SHIRAKI, Assoc. Prof. Ken Albrecht, Assoc. Prof. Yu HOSHINO, Asst. Prof. Kenichi GOUSHI

Staff Exchange Program

This year’s staff exchange program focused on support for research activities. Through the four sessions of (1)Grant Support and Joint/Commissioned Research, (2) Research Environments, (3) Data analysis for research strategy, and (4) Intellectual Property Right, case studies were presented and we exchanged opinions to expand knowledge and build a network between SNU and KYUSHU.