Current Students

Campus Life

Orientation for New International Students

ISS will hold on this orientation twice a year (Beginning of April/End of September or Beginning of October). Please be sure to attend this orientation so that you can get a lot of important and useful information about living in Japan.

Medical Checkup for Students

It is held twice a year (April / September).
Please be sure to participate as we will explain important matters for life inside and outside the university.

Student Education and Research Disaster Accident Insurance(Gakkennsai)
Please note that details will be announced at the invasion student orientation, etc.

Only for researchers and faculty members
  • Recruitment procedure
  • ID Card
  • Settlement of travel expenses
  • Tax treaty application procedure
  • Teacher handbook (There is a PDF file link)

Issuance of certificates

Issuing the certificate may take several days.Please apply early.

Student ID Card

It is necessary when taking lectures and exams, and when using the library.

Cards for students

Certificate of enrollment / transcript / graduation certificate / certificate of completion

Required for renewal of stay, application for scholarship, application for moving into public housing, etc.

Click here for details

Health check certificate

International students belonging to regular courses can pick up at the automatic issuing machine.Also, for non-regular courses (research students, exchange students, etc.), please apply at the Campus Life and Health Support Center on your campus. ※It can be issued free of charge.
If you do not take the regular student health checkup, you will not be able to issue a health checkup certificate.
Be sure to take a medical examination certificate as it may be required when applying for a scholarship or looking for a job.

Click here for details

automatic ticket machine

A certificate of enrollment, a commuter certificate/student discount card, and a certificate of health examination can be issued.
Available from 8:30 am to 5:15 pm.

-Center Zone1 2nd floor
-East Zone1 Building C
-West Zone1 Building B 3rd floor
-West Zone4 2nd floor
-West Zone5 East Wing 3rd floor

-Welfare Facilities (Vista Hall)

-Administration Office 1st floor

-Faculty of Medical Sciences Building A of Basic Sciences 1st floor

※This service is only available to students in regular courses.

Campus Facilities

student affairs office

The student contact point is as follows.

Ito Campus

School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation
School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation

School of Letter, Graduate School of Letter
School of Education,・人間環境学府
First Educational Affairs

School of Law, Graduate School of Law, Faculty of Law,
School of Economics, Graduate School of Economics

Second Educational Affairs

Third Educational Affairs

School of Letters, School of Educational, School of Law, chool of Economics, Graduate School of Humanities・人間環境学, Graduate School of Law, Faculty of Law, Graduate School of Economics・地球社会総合科学府
the student affairs office

School of Letters, School of Educational, School of Law, School of Educational, Graduate School of Humanities・人間環境学府・Graduate School of Law, Faculty of Law, Graduate School of Economics地球社会総合科学府

School of Agriculture・生物資源環境科学府
School of Agriculture the student affairs office

1st year undergraduate (Ito Campus)
Faculty of Arts and Science Educational Affairs
the student support office

Faculty of Arts and Science Educational Affairs office

School of Science, Graduate School of Science,Graduate School of Mathematics
Health science the student affairs office


The 21st Century Program
The 21st Century Program office

School of Engneering, Graduate School of Engneering・システム情報科学府


International Student Center

Hospital Campus

School of Medicine Health science・医学系学府保健学専攻
Health science the student affairs office

School of Dentistry, Graduate School of Dental Science
School of Dentistry the student affairs office

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Guraduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences the student affairs office

Chikushi Campus

Guraduate School of Integrated Frontier Sciences
the student support office

School of Design, Ggraduate School of Design
Educational Affairs
the student affairs office

Counseling and Health Center

We provide health support, psychological support, and disability support for faculty members and students. We also provide support for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities in terms of study and employment (reasonable accommodation). Please make an appointment in advance by coming directly to the respective counseling office or by phone. (If it is difficult to make an appointment in Japanese, please use the web consultation reception form. (

Counseling for International Students

International Student Center
Kyushu University offers the counseling for all international students about the campus life, mental health etc. Feel Free to come and talk to our counselors! Please make an appointment by the web consultation reception form in advance.

When You…
●Have interpersonal relations problems related to teachers and lab members.
●Have trouble adjusting to Japanese culture and community life.
●Have mental or physical problems (e.g., difficulty sleeping, lack of appetite, difficulty concentrating, etc.)
●Have other problems related to campus life.

Campus Map No.56
Center Zone Center Bldg. 5,


Mon.  10:00-17:00
Tue. 10:00-17:00
Wed. 10:00-17:00
Thu. 10:00-17:00
Fri. 10:00-17:00

Mr. Huang
Japanese, English, Chinese
*Consultation is available at the Counseling and Health Center and each branch office.
Campus Map No.58
Center Zone Big Sand 2F


Mon. 11:00-16:00
Ms. Miyahara
Japanese, English

WED. 11:00-17:00
Mr. Takamatsu
Japanese, English

FRI. 10:00-16:00
Ms. Sakaki
Japanese, English
Campus Map No. 81:
East Zone 1, Room No. B-202
Campus Health Support Room


Mon.(Every other week) 10:30-16:30
Thu.          10:30-16:30

Ms. Gu
Chinese, Japanese
Campus Map No.31
West Zone West Bldg. 3, 314


Mon. 11:00-17:00

Mr. Takamatsu
Japanese, English
Hospital Campus Map No. 41
Bldg. of Administrative Office 1F


In-person or remote consultations available by appointment, please contact us.
Chikushi campus Map No.2)
Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering Center Bldg. 1F


In-person or remote consultations available by appointment, please contact us.
Ohashi campus Map No. 4
Design Commons 2F


In-person or remote consultations available by appointment, please contact us.

Infirmaries provide physical and mental health counseling by doctors and nurses. Inquire to the counseling and health center, or see the website for the details.

Support Section for Inclusion

Support section for inclusion coordinates reasonable accommodations for the students, staff and faculty members with disabilities regarding learning or working environment.

Harassment Consultation Center

A special counselor hears the talk and considers a solution together. The content of visit is strictly kept confidentiality, so please feel free to get counseling.

Harassment Consultation Center


Kyushu University has a total of some 4.2 million books that cover Humanities and Social and Natural Sciences. Wireless Internet access is available in the libraries. There are also study room and other facilities, and domestic and international newspapers and books are available.


Central Library
Weekdays 9:00-21:00
(Exam Period 9:00-22:00)
Saturdays 10:00-18:00
Sundays and Public holidays  10:00-18:00

Science and Technology Library
Weekdays 9:00-21:00
(Exam Period 9:00-22:00)
Saturdays 10:00-18:00
Sundays and Public holidays  10:00-18:00

Medical Library
Weekdays 9:00-21:00
Saturdays 9:30-17:00
Sundays and Public holidays  9:30-17:00

Design Library
Weekdays 9:00-21:00
(Intersessions 9:00-17:00)
Saturdays 10:00-17:00
(Intersessions: Closed)
Sundays and Public holidays  10:00-17:00
(Exam Period Only)

Chikushi Library
Weekdays 8:30-20:00
Saturdays 10:00-18:00
Sundays and Public holidays  Closed

The Libraries may be temporarily closed when the opening hours change.Please see the library website for the detailed schedule.

Kyushu University Library

Guide to use

Degree students can use all Library facilities and services with their student ID Cards. Non-degree students should apply for a Personal Card at the section in charge of personnel management in their affiliated department, or should apply for issuance of a library card at the nearest library counter.

b. Faculty & staff
Faculty members and administrative staff with a Staff ID Card or a Personal Card can use all library facilities and service. If they have neither of 2 types of card, please apply for issuance of these cards at the section in charge of personnel management in their affiliated department.

Information Infrastructure Initiative

Information Infrastructure Initiative (III) is in charge of IC staff card and student ID card, e-mail, wireless LAN, provision of Microsoft products and anti-virus software, and other information-related services.

KITE (Network Service)

Students, Faculty & Staff are issued with common ID (SSO-KID) which can commonly use in The University’s various information systems, educational systems, and student portal.

Kyushu University SSO portal
About ID-Room

Information help desk for students: Ito campus

icube Support Desk, 4th floor, Central Library
iCube Computer System for Education Counter, 3rd floor
Research Institute for Information Technology

Many Kind of thinggs Consultation counter

Miscellaneous information support

Countermeasures Policy for Copyright Infringement and Information Incidents Kyushu University restricts the usage of all or any part of file sharing software that may lead to illegal actions or the leakage of personal information. Even just installing file sharing software such as Xunlei, BitTorrent, and μTorrent may result in the serious consequence of assisting copyright infringements. Please do not use any file sharing software at university or home and delete file sharing software if you have already installed it.
University policy also restricts access from the campus network to websites that may engage in copyright infringement. These access restrictions can be overridden in response to requests, if such access is needed for research and education purposes.
All network accesses from the outside to the inside of the campus network are basically restricted to protect against cyberattacks. Some restrictions can be lifted by submitting an application when access is needed for research and education purposes.
When you use computer networks, keep in mind to observe laws and regulations. Especially, DO NOT use non-genuine Windows, Unauthorized commercial software and so on. Also, DO NOT mine cryptocurrency with campus ICT resources.

Kyushu University Co-operative Union

Kyushu University Co-operative Union which is called “Kyudai Seikyo” or “Co-op”, is an organization whose members pool funds to pursue various activities for mutual benefit. The Co-op sells box lunches, sandwiches and pastries, drinks, books, stationeries and other daily items at its outlets and operates ID photo shooting stands, post offices, home delivery and travel agencies, ATMs etc. If you become a Co-op member, you can enjoy various benefits such as special discount when you buy books or subscription to a credit card.
To apply for membership, present your IC student or staff ID card at any of the Co-op shops on the campuses and pay the membership fee. The membership fee will be refund to you, when you lose your school register from Kyushu University.

Kyudai Seikyo website (Only Japanese)
Credit Card (Tuo Card) Usage handbook (Only Japanese)
Credit Card (Tuo Card) Usage handbook (Only English)

    Ito Campus
  • Big Dora (West Zone)
    Japan Post Bank, The Bank of Fukuoka
  • West Zone 2 F1
    Japan Post Bank, The Bank of Fukuoka
  • Big Sand (Center Zone)
  • KoKosya
    he Bank of Fukuoka
    Hospital Campus
  • Inside the Kyushu University Hospital visit clinic
    Japan Post Bank, The Bank of Fukuoka, NISHI-NIPPON CITY BANK
Campus Life

Training center / student facilities
Cafeteria, shop, convenience store, bookstore

Welfare facilities
Welfare facilities available to students include the following facilities. The business hours will be weekday business hours. See here for details.

Campus Life

Athletic Facilities

Each campus has facilities available for extracurricular athletic activities.
Sporting equipment and mountain climbing gear are also loaned out at the information desks.Please inquire at each service center for details on how to use the facility and rental of equipment. See here for details.

Campus Life

Extracurricular Activities (“circles”)

Kyushu University has numerous student groups, which are called “circles”, to share common interests in cultural, artistic, sporting or other recreational activities. Circles provide great opportunity to enjoy extracurricular activities and get to know other students.

Extracurricular activities

At Kyushu University, there are international student associations for the purpose of deepening friendships with other international students and Japanese students, and volunteer circles for the purpose of supporting international students and interacting with them.
For more information, please contact each organization directly.

• Kyushu University Foreign Student Association KUFSA)
• Kyushu University International Friendship Association (KUIFA)

The first guidebook introduces only international clubs. The second guidebook introduces a variety of clubs and circles. Contact an organization that interests you.

International Club Guidebook
Club & Circle Guidebook

Online Consultation Desk

All International Student at Kyushu University can use the “Online Consultation Service”.You can ask questions about daily life in Japan to a student assistant staff member of the International Student Exchange Division. Questions can be submitted 24 hours a day, and staff members will answer your questions between 9:30am and 15:30pm on weekdays (Excluding holidays). Please feel free to use your smart phone, computer, or tablet to contact us. You do not need an appointment. Please see the attachment for more information.