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On Campus Student Housing

Kyushu University Dormitory

a. Hospital Area
b. Ohashi/Chikushi Area

Ijiri International House (Ijiri Area)
Fukuoka City International Center
Chikushi International House (Chikushi area)

c. Ito Area

Ito Kyosokan-Harmony House-
Settle International

※Internet Environment

List of Internet Environment

How to get to the Dormitories from Fukuoka Airport ※English

How to get to the Dormitories from Fukuoka Airport

Youtube: “How to get to the Dormitories from Fukuoka Airport”

From Fukuoka Airport to Your Dorm!

On- Campus Housing Application Outline for International Students

Application Outline for New Students
Signing Up for An apartment from Abroad
Room Search Service for Foreigners

On- Campus Housing Application Outline for International Students

Application for International Students in university is not available now.

Application for Dormitory 1, 3, and Ito Harmony House

You have to submit this to the manager office by 1 week before you use.

Application form for use of dormitory common facilities

Attendance List

Please attach this to the application.

Attendance list ※Japanese and English

The period of residence in a dormitory is up to 6 months as a rule. Students enrolled in short-term study abroad programs for one year or less will be allowed to stay until the end of their enrollment period. (Except for research students)

Moving to Off Campus Housing

[ Update!] Apartment Orientation for Students Moving Off-Campus

Our team has prepared the, “Rules for Housing and Living for International Students”, which offers an extensive amount of information for your next chapter in apartment searching; from, “How to Search for an Apartment”, to “Precautions and Tips for Living in an Apartment”, Etc. It is our hope that this information will guide our International Students in finding their new homes.

Rules for Housing and Living for International Students

Japanese lease contracts have a unique structure that differs from those in other countries. The guidebook prepared by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism contains basic knowledge and useful information on how to look for a room, contract procedures, and precautions to take after moving in, etc. Please use this guidebook as a reference when looking for a room in Japan. (Available in 14 languages)

Apartment Search Guidebook (for foreigners looking for homes in Japan)

Please refer to the video explaining the rules and etiquette for communal living in Japan. (Available in 10 languages)

Rental housing guide for foreigners (GTN)

Designated Dormitory of Kyushu University

Designated Dormitory is a private housing selected by Kyushu University, with convenient conditions for new international students, though its monthly rent is more expensive than Kyushu University Dormitory. For new international students, we will do our best to arrange you a room of Kyushu University Dormitory at your request. However, due to a limited number of rooms, you may be allotted a room of Designated Dormitory. Besides, there might be the case there is no available room depending on the vacant room condition. In that case you are required to find a private apartment by your own. Your understanding will be highly appreciated.
※Moving-in condition or the room interior of Designated Dormitory may be subject to change without prior notice.
※Available Designated Dormitory depends on the vacant room condition in a moving-in period, hence you are not guaranteed to be able to move in the dormitory of your choice.

Hakata City Ward

Rupo Kenchoguchi

Click here for details ※Japanese

Dormy Fukuoka 3 (for Women only )

Click here for details

Minami City Ward

Sharely Style Hakata

Click here for details

Dormy Ohashi

Click here for details

Chuo City Ward

Dormy Hirao (for Men only)

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Dormy Fukuoka 2 (for Women only)

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Dormy Ohori Park

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Sawara City Ward

Dormy Fukuoka

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Nishi City Ward

Seaside La Fin
Contract should be at least one year, need to buy Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance or JID Insurance

Click here for details ※Japanese

Fre Itokyu

Click here for details ※Japanese

Dormy Kyudai-gakkentoshi

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ITO Lab+Residence

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Itoshima City

Flechir VEGA

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Onojo City

Dormy Shimo-ori (for Women Only)

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Private Residences

For any questions or concerns regarding apartment searching, please contact the real estate agencies listed in the “Kyushu University: Apartment for International Students” (Applicable Real Estate Companies for “Special Plans for Kyushu University International Students”) section of the, “Rules for Housing and Living for International Students”. Please utilize the inquiry form to email and contact the real estate companies, which many are multilingual and are excitedly waiting your emails.

Lists and Inquiry Form

List of Real Estate Agencies
Apartment Inquiry Form for Kyushu University International Students

In closing, the COVID-19 has tested us to work together in these uncertain times, and surely, our best of days are still ahead of us. Kyushu University will continue to move forward with our students at the forefront of every decision we make. *All inquiries regarding housing and apartments are to be made to the real estate companies. Kyushu University, International Student Exchange Division

Guarantee System for International Students
GTN Pamphlet

Public Residences

The following are public residences established by local public organizations. Applicants should apply directly.

Fukuoka Municipal Housing

Inquiry: Fukuoka Municipal Housing Providing Corporation (Tel. 092-271-2561)
Application Period: February, May, August and November
You can get an application form at the municipal office of the city or ward.

Website (in Japanese)

Fukuoka Prefectural Housing

Inquiry: Prefectural Housing Management Room, Fukuoka Prefectural Housing Providing Corporation (Tel. 092-781-8029)
Application Period: March, June and October
You can get an application form at the municipal office of the city or ward.

Website (in Japanese)

Fukuoka Kokusai Ikueikai Dormitory for international students

Inquiry: Public interest incorporated foundation Fukuoka Kokusai Ikueikai (Tel. 092-834-9224)
Application Periods occur throughout the year.
If you are an international student at Kyushu University, you may receive an application form at the International Student Exchange Division, Kyushu University.

Website (in Japanese)

Rules for living in Japan

Fukuoka City International Foundation
Settling in Fukuoka
Hints for Living Rules and Manners

You can learn how to live in Japan by watching video.