Kyushu University Asia Week 2020

“Kyushu University Asia Week 2020” will take place for the first two weeks of September, designed to offer opportunities to share expertise and experience as well as create dialogue among HEIs and stakeholders, especially aimed for accelerating efforts contributing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and for looking beyond the current COVID-19 crisis.


Asia Week


9/1 (Tue) 13:30~15:00 (Japan Time) 
"HEIs’ societal responsibility and impact in the context of addressing SDGs amid COVID-19 pandemic"

9/2 (Wed) 13:00~17:30, 9/3 (Thu) 10:00~17:00 (Japan Time) 
”Living with Infectious Diseases: What is the sustainable society after COVID-19?”

9/6 (Sun) 14:00~16:30 (Japan Time)  
Dialogue Session on Dr. Tetsu Nakamura

9/9 (Wed) 9:30~17:00 (Japan Time) 
"Grow More Resilient: How University Inventions are Contributing to Unprecedented Global Crises"

9/11 (Fri) 15:00~17:00 (Japan Time) 
Kyushu University Vietnam Alumni Kick Off Event: KYUSHU-VIETNAM SEMINAR
"Discover Best Practice and Opportunities of International Collaboration in Past and Future"

※In addition to the above events, we will hold online seminars on SDGs initiatives in each faculty . Please see the Asia Week website for the schedule of each seminar.
※As a new attempt in collaboration with the University Library, University Museum,   and University Archives, we are planning to display the digital archives of valuable Asian-related materials owned by Kyushu University.
"KU Collections -A Journey around Asia, History and Culture- (tentative name)"
※Participation fee is free.

Please see "Registrations" on the website below.


International Strategy Division, Kyushu University