2nd NTU-Kyushu Colloquium

The purpose of this colloquium, the second time, is to amplify the academic synergies and prompt further exchanges with National Taiwan University (NTU), which is an important partner institution of Kyushu University. With regards to the global outbreak of COVID-19, we will hold an online webinar.

Date & Time : 2020.6.15(MON) 9:00-17:00 (Japan time)

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MORNING PROGRAM (9:00~12:00)

Plenary Session *This session will stream on YouTube Live.

Keynote I
Professor Hsin-Mu TSAI, NTU
“Digital Learning on NTU COOL in 2020”

Keynote II
Professor Koji OKAMURA, Kyushu University
“Security issues on online classes and home jobs in Japan”

Keynote III
Dr. Lu-Cheng KUO, NTU Hospital
"Introduction to Remote Education in NTU Hospital"

Keynote IV Professor Yoshihide MORI, Kyushu University
“An attempt of tele-speech therapy for cleft palate patients under the prevalence of Covid-19 in Japan”

Student Presentation
Yui FUJII, Senior Undergraduate Student, 21st century program
Xi CHEN, First Year of Master’s Program, Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies, and 2 NTU Students will give their presentations

Parallel Session: Breakout Sessions by 10 Research Fields *Partly Open
Student Forum *This forum will stream on YouTube Live.
14:00-16:40 Research Presentations by 20 students (10 of each university)

International Strategy Division, Kyushu University(