The Circular Economy: From Academic to Practitioner and Back Again (By Q-AOS)

Kyusyu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies (Q-AOS) is launching a new webinar series: The Q-AOS Brown Bag Seminar Series! In this webinar series, we will introduce participants to the myriad of exciting research activities at Kyushu University which are related to SDGs in Asia and Oceania. For the inaugural talk in this series, Professor Scott Valentine, who joins Q-AOS after an academic hiatus at KPMG* Australia will give a presentation about his work in the "Circular Economy".
The webinar is free, available in English and Japanese, and open to everyone! We hope you all come and join us!

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*KPMG:KPMG International Limited is an Anglo-Dutch multinational professional services network, and one of the Big Four accounting organizations.(Cited from Wikipedia:


Date & Time:12:10~12:50, 2021.4.14(Wed)(Japan time)
Organizer:Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies(Q-AOS)
Style:Zoom Webinar
Admission Fee:Free
The maximum number for the seminar:500 people
Registration:Please apply to this seminar via the online registration form

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Deadline:April 13th


12:10 – 12:15 Introduction
Prof. Akira Harata
(Deputy Director General and Executive Education Director, Q-AOS)
12:15 – 12:40 “The Circular Economy: From Academic to Practitioner and Back Again”
Prof. Scott Valentine
(Research Promotion Director, Q-AOS)
12:40 – 12:50 Q&A

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Webinar 3:2021.4.28(Wed)12:10~12:50
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