UNESCO-initiated Research: Call for Participation!

"Greetings from the East Asia and Australia Team of UNESCO's YAR Program!

We are inviting young people to voice their experience of online learning transition during the COVID-19 in a-15-20 minutes survey. As part of the global youth research initiative, our team focuses on listening to the youth voice, particularly those enrolled in post-secondary institutions, about their experiences and obstacles while shifting to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. In line with this focus, the research aims to understand how the rapid transition to online learning during COVID-19 affects the student's learning process in Australia, China, Japan, Mongolia, and South Korea.
If you are currently studying or have been studying at post-secondary education level (e.g. college, vocational school, university, or other similar level institution), anytime between January 2020-now, with criteria as follows:

Between the age of 18-35 years old
Registered education institution located in Australia, China, Japan, Mongolia, or South Korea

Please click the link to the online survey below (following your preference language).

If you have further questions or inquiries, please contact us at
Thank You and Stay Safe!