【6/23 10:00~】Secure your Digital Future – High Growth Technology and Digital Transformation (SJSU-Kyushu Joint Summer Lecture Series)

San José State University (SJSU) and Kyushu University (KYUSHU) are proud to present a summer lecture series on “Secure your Digital Future – High Growth Technology and Digital Transformation”.
In the midst of our current global pandemic, cybersecurity threats are on the rise. At the same time, the career opportunities in the sector worldwide are growing tremendously


Event Flyer (1st Session)

  • Topic:Data Resilience – the Next Evolution in Data Sustainability

  • Speaker: F. Duane Watkins, MBA
    Director – Offering Management for Data Resilience at IBM

  • Date:10:00~11:00, June 23rd (JST)

  • Language: English

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      Upcoming events

    • Second Session: 7th July, 10:00~ (JST)
      Speaker: Jon Clay, Trend Micro

    • Third Session: 21st July, 10:00~ (JST)
      Topic: Challenges and Opportunities of Reliability Engineering in the era of Data-Driven Intelligent Systems
      Speaker: Dr. Lei Ma, Associate Professor and Canada CIFAR AI Chair, University of Alberta, Canada Research Fellow at Kyushu University, Japan

    • Fourth Session: 4th Augst, 10:00~ (JST)
      Topic: IoT security and advanced penetration testing
      Speaker: Dr. Allakany Mohammed Attia Alaa, Academic Fellow, Cybersecurity Center, Kyushu University