【by 29th Oct】 JANET Forum 2021 Registration for participation and Introduction of education and research activities is now open

JANET, Japan Academic Network in Europe where Kyushu University is one of its members, will hold the JANET Forum 2021 on November 10-12 with the theme of “International Exchange During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Planning ahead for the next few years.”
This forum will provide a unique opportunity for dialogue and exchange among leading Japanese and European universities and research institutions. Specifically, participating Japanese and European universities and academic institutions, as well as affiliated researchers, will present about their universities and topics of interest to promote discussions on the possibilities of collaboration, and will be able to participate in one-to-one dialogues in virtual networking sessions. Through these activities, we hope to deepen and develop international exchange between Japanese and European universities.
Each participating institution will be able to submit introductory video presentations or posters for on-demand viewing.

Details and registration (External web page)

JANET Forum 2021
“International Exchange During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Planning ahead for the next few years”

  • November 10, 2021 (Wed)
    16:30-16:50 (Japan Standard Time)
    Opening Ceremony (Moderator: University of Tsukuba)
    Opening Address by Prof. Kyosuke Nagata, President, University of Tsukuba

    17:00-18:50 (Japan Standard Time)
    Online Presentation Session (English):
    Four keynotes on “International Exchange during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic”
    “About Erasmus +” and more

    18:50-18:55 (Japan Standard Time)
    Closing Address on day 1

    • November 11, 2021 (Thu)
      16:50-16:55 (Japan Standard Time)
      Opening Address

      17:00-19:00 (Japan Standard Time)
      Virtual Networking Sessions (English) in breakout rooms for participating JANET member universities and researchers and their European counterparts, affiliated researchers, etc. to get connected with each other directly.
      (1) Universities and Research Institutions
      (2) Research Departments/ Divisions
      Introduction of universities and research (EventHub)

      19:00-19:05 (Japan Standard Time)
      Closing Address

      • November 12, 2021 (Fri)
        Commemorative Event organized by the Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne to celebrate the 160th Anniversary of Japan-Germany Relations (English)
        “The Opportunities and Risks of Academic Exchange between Japan and Europe in a Post-Coronavirus Era”

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