【Only for members in Kyushu U:8th Dec.】2021 Seminar on Funding for International Research

The purpose of this seminar is promoting international research, especially research between Japanese and foreign researchers.
In this seminar, we will introduce our support system, Japanese government grants that lead to international research, overseas grants that can be applied for from Japan that lead to international research and examples of grant acquisition by successful applicants.

【 Program 】See the attached flyer below
【 Target 】Faculty,Administrative staff, URA, Post-doc etc.
【 Tool 】Zoom Webinar (Zoom link will be sent to registered address after registration) 
【 Language 】Japanese/English(Simultaneous translation)
【 Deadline 】7 December (Tue) 12:00

Advance registration required.
Please register from the link in the event flyer
Event Flyer (Kyushu U members only)

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