【Nov.15-18 】Sweden Week with IKEA 2022 @Ito campus, Center Zone 6, 1st floor (For KU students)

Kyushu University will host MIRAI2.0* Research & Innovation Week 2022 this year, in which the social exchange sessions among researchers and PhD students will be held during the period.

“Sweden Week with IKEA 2022” will be held as a part of MIRAI2.0 Research & Innovation Week 2022, focusing on students exchange sessions among students from Nordic countries and KU students.
Taking this opportunity,IKEA will introduce their commitment to the SDGs as a leading company in Sweden. They will also hold "a plant ball and meat ball" tasting event!

The Embassy of Sweden also provides us with a guidebook and other materials to introduce the attractions of Sweden.
If you are interested, please stop by!

※More information about the event, click the flyer!!

Kyushu university students

November 15th-18th

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