[Call for Participation] Strategic Partnership Symposium -Future prospects for international cooperation of Japanese universities with overseas universities-

The University of Tokyo proposed the “Building a Network of ‘Strategic Partnerships’ to Strengthen International Competitiveness among Japanese Universities” as a project for the Japan Forum for Internationalization of Universities and plan to widely disseminate information by sharing the challenges and good practices with other universities through the enhancement of horizontal cooperation. Through this project, the universities plan to enhance the recognition of Strategic Partnerships and the international presence of the universities of Japan.

This 3rd Strategic Symposium, which will be held on the final year of the MEXT’s Top Global University Japan Project, will provide an opportunity to contemplate on future prospects for international cooperation of Japanese universities with overseas universities, based on the discussions on the strategic partnership projects that have been generated so far in the three years of the project's activities. Kyushu University is one of this project’s member universities.

Date & Time:
17:30-20:00, 19 December 2023 (Zoom)

17:30 Opening Comments
-Prof. Dr. HAYASHI Kaori, Executive Vice President, Director General of the Division for Global Campus Initiatives, The University of Tokyo
17:35 Opening Address
-Mr. KOBAYASHI Yosuke, Director, International Affairs Division, Higher Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - Japan
17:40 Guest Lecture 1
-Prof. KURODA Kazuo, Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University
18:10 Guest Lecture 2
-Prof. Jorge FERRÃO, Rector, Maputo Pedagogical University
18:40 Q&A Session
18:55 Break
19:00 Panel Discussion by the membership universities
-Prof. Dr. WATANABE Satoshi, Special Advisor to the President, Deputy Director of the International Strategy and Planning Office, The University of Tokyo
-Prof. YONEZAWA Akiyoshi, Professor, Vice Director, International Strategy Office, Tohoku University
-Prof. TSUCHIYA Motohiro, Vice-President for Global Engagement, Keio University
-Prof. GEMMA Masahiko, Vice President for International Affairs, Waseda University
-Prof. TANAKA Ryohei, Vice President, Soka University
-Prof. KONO Yasuyuki, Vice-President for International Strategy, Kyoto University
-Assoc. Prof. OBAYASHI Saori, Center for Global Initiatives, Osaka University
-Prof. KOBAYASHI Osamu, Asia Africa Center, Institute for International Relations, Ehime University
-Prof. KONOMI Natalie, Vice President, Professor / Manager, Global Strategies Office, Kyushu University
19:55 Closing Remarks
-Prof. UEKI Toshiya, Executive Vice President, Tohoku University

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Membership Universities:
The University of Tokyo, Tohoku University, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Kyushu University, Ehime University, Waseda University, Keio University, Soka University
*Hosted by The University of Tokyo