【Updates】【17th-25th JUNE】The 2nd SNU-KYUSHU Joint Symposium

When QS-APPLE 2019 took place in Fukuoka on November 19, the senior executives from SNU and Kyushu had a chance to discuss further collaborations in person. Both parties have identified each other as a high-priority partner, and have agreed to work on deepening the links, for example, through organizing an annual joint symposium. In September 2020, the first joint symposium was held online successfully, with participation from three invited satellite sessions from promising disciplines.
The Joint symposium is designed to develop existing and new research collaborations between the two universities while facilitating greater mutual understanding among SNU-Kyushu academics, with seed funding available. At the same time, through this symposium, we aim to provide exchange opportunities for students and staff to foster their global competence.