【Zoom Webinar on June 26】 Kyushu University Global Peace Symposium 2022

Kyushu University’s International Student Center, together with its supporting organizations,earnestly invites you to join this online symposium. Anyone around the world is warmly welcome.

This symposium will not only discuss the Nagasaki a-bombing as a tragic event of Japan’s past; this special international event will offer you an invaluable opportunity to think about future peace
and safety together with other participants across the globe. You will learn from the personal account of a survivor of the Nagasaki a-bombing, engage in a discussion directly with the survivor, and, we hope, commit to actively joining with this symposium’s global participants in the pursuit of global peace and safety in your own lifetime, particularly in these days of uncertainty and instability.

Please register for this symposium. Listen to a voice from the past to seek peace in the future.

Date & Time: June 26, 2022 (Sunday) 13:30-15:00 Japan Standard Time
Form of a meeting: Zoom Webinar