【6月23日~24日開催】RENKEI Researcher Online Workshop in Health参加登録受付中!

日英の12大学(日本6大学、英国6大学)で構成する日英大学間連携プログラムRENKEI(本学も加盟)では、6月23日(水)および24日(木)の2日間にわたり、「Health」分野のオンラインワークショップを開催します。本ワークショップでは3つのテーマ(Patient Safety、Medicine & Informatics、Ageing)による講演やパネルディスカッションが行われます。参加費無料、言語は英語での開催です。



Theme 1: Patient Safety (Day 1)
Theme 2: Medicine & Informatics (Day 2)
Theme 3: Ageing (Day 2)

To learn about each other’s research expertise/interests, and to identify potential for collaborative research between the two countries.

Grants of GBP 5,000 (≒JPY 770,000) will be offered in each of the three thematic areas for collaborative research proposals developing out of the workshop.

【Day 1, 6月23日(水), 9:00 – 11:25 (UK)/ 17:00 – 19:25 (Japan) 】
Matt KNOWLES, Director, British Council Japan
Julia LONGBOTTOM, British ambassador to Japan
Prof. Kazuhito KAWAKITA, Vice-President, Head of Institute of International Education and Exchange, Nagoya University

[Guest speakers]
JSPS, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Jenny White, Sasakawa Foundation

[Keynote speakers]
Prof. Kensaku MORI, Department of Intelligent Science, Graduate School of Informatics, Nagoya University
“Future of AI-based medicine”
Prof. Dame Louise ROBINSON, Professor of Primary Care and Ageing & Regius Professor of Ageing, Newcastle University
“21st century dementia care: time for a new approach?”

[Presentation Session 1: Patient Safety]
Presentations (5 presenters) and panel discussion

【Day 2, 6月24日(木), 9:00 – 11:50 (UK)/ 17:00 – 19:50 (Japan)】
[Presentation Session 2: Medicine and Informatics]
Presentations (8 presenters) and panel discussion

[Presentation Session 3: Aging]
Presentations (6 presenters) and panel discussion

Feedback from each session (Chairs)
Information about future plans