【〆切延長 11/22(火)17時】春季短期留学 ASEAN in Today’s World 2023 参加者追加募集


[期間] 2023年3月12日(日)~ 3月25日(土)
※事前科目履修必須:「留学準備のための特別英語」(基幹教育科目・担当:生田博子 准教授)


This is a short-term study abroad program jointly organized by Kyushu University and Mahidol University in Thailand. Students will learn and discuss with their Asian peers of the same generation, and think about different cultures and multicultural conviviality.
Through classes and cultural exchange activities, understand the diversity of religions, languages, cultures, and histories in ASEAN and East Asia

[Period] March 12 (Sun) - March 25(Sat), 2023
*Prerequisite: Special English for Preparation for Study Abroad" (The KIKAN Education Courses, Associate Professor Hiroko Ikuta)
[Eligibility] Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Kyushu University
[Cost] Approx. 300,000 yen
(including field trip + accommodation + airfare + overseas insurance + crisis management service registration fee)
[Additional Application Deadline] Nov 22, 2022 (Tue.) 17:00

For more information about the program, download the application form, etc., click here

International Affairs Department, Study Abroad Section, AsTW