【参加者募集・要事前登録 10/12開催】スウェーデン王立工科大学(KTH)主催 留学説明会・個別相談会 [Call for participants; registration required 12 October] STUDY ABROAD AT KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY


大学間交流協定校企画として、10/12(火)17:00-18:00に「スウェーデン王立工科大学(KTH)主催 留学説明会・個別相談会」を開催します。

Kyushu University will hold a collaboration event with one of the university-wide partnership schools "STUDY ABROAD AT KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY" at 5:00 pm on 12 October.



Founded in 1827 in the capital city of Stockholm, KTH has a long tradition and is the largest of the country's six technical universities. KTH has an international reputation, particularly in the fields of information science, technology, and natural sciences. Furthermore, even if being mainly a science and technology university, there is also a very high level of education and research in business administration and economics.



The day will include a presentation by KTH's study abroad coordinator and a question and answer session where you can ask your individual questions directly to the coordinator.



Registration is required at the following form. The deadline for the application is midnight 10 October.



We will send the link to join the event after registration.



For basic information about KTH, please visit;