国際交流会館サポーター募集中!International House Supporters Wanted!

今回は福岡市国際会館のサポーターを3名、馬出国際交流会館のサポーターを3名、SETTLE Internationalのサポーターを3名募集します。


・九州大学国際交流会館(福岡市国際会館・馬出国際交流会館・SETTLE International)に1年間住めること(家賃は各自支払い)


What is an International House Supporter?
Our Supporters are a group of student volunteers who live in the Kyushu University International House and support the lives of international students residing in the Kyushu University International House. The Supporters form one team and support international students in accordance with the annual schedule.
At this time, we are looking for 3 supporters for Fukuoka City International Center, 3 supporters for Maidashi International House, and 3 supporters for SETTLE International.
During the term of the position, you may be asked to work as a student assistant to support international students.

The term of office of the supporters we are recruiting this time is from the time they are hired to the end of 2023.
The maximum term of a supporter is two years (there are cases to renew a contract).

Application Requirements
- Must be an international student of Kyushu University.
- Must have advanced level of Japanese and English
- Applicants must be able to live in the Kyushu University International House (Maidashi International House, Fukuoka City International Center, or SETTLE International) for one year. (Self-pay)
- Have a sense of responsibility as a supporter
- Have the time to engage in the work of a supporter
- Any nationality, affiliation, grade, gender, etc. are acceptable.
- Must be able to attend monthly supporter meetings.

How to apply
Please send your ①name, ②student ID number, ③contact information (e-mail address & phone number), and ④reason for applying (in Japanese and English) to by email.
Application period: Monday, December 26, 2022 to Monday,January 9, 2023.
If you have any questions, please contact the International Student Exchange Division (intlrshien‐2@jimu.kyushu‐

各国際交流会館についてはこちら/ Click here for each International House


・SETTLE International