【実施報告】11/24(木)開催 海外の魅力聞きに行かNight@センター2号館2406



 第1部では、欧州から来た外国人留学生 / 欧州への留学経験のある日本人留学生 / 北米から来た外国人留学生 / 北米への留学経験のある日本人留学生の4人から現地での学生生活や食文化などについてのプレゼンテーションが行われました。海外出身者による現地生活についてのプレゼンテーションは初の企画であり、現地で長く暮らしたからこその話などを聞くことができました。




【11/24 (Thu.) 】Study Abroad Event ~Let’s hear from students who have studied abroad and international students! 海外の魅力聞きに行かNight” ~@Ito campus, Center Bldg. 2, 2406

 The Study Abroad Division of Kyushu University held a study abroad event for students interested in studying abroad on Thursday evening of November 24, 2022 at the Center Bldg. 2, 2406, to share the attractions of foreign countries, such as living and university life abroad, organized by Study Abroad Peer Advisors (student staff).

 The event consisted of two parts: in the first part, presentations were made by those who have studied abroad and those from other countries, and in the second part, a roundtable discussion was held for interaction between participants, including several people who had studied abroad with the presenters.

 In the first part, presentations on local student life and food culture were given by four people: an international student from Europe, a Japanese student who has studied abroad in Europe, an international student from North America, and a Japanese student who has studied abroad in North America. This was the first time to hear a presentation on local life by someone from overseas, and the audience was able to hear from an unprecedented angle, including perspectives gained from having lived in the area for a long period of time.

 The second part of the roundtable discussion centered on a Q&A session and interaction with the participants, the presenters, the Study Abroad Peer Advisors who have experienced study abroad. The tables were divided into three, "Asia," "North America," and "Europe," and the participants went around to each table in three separate rounds of time. There were a certain number of participants who stayed at the same table to continue listening to the conversation, making the event a good opportunity for students who are eager to study abroad and those who have studied abroad to interact with each other.

 After the event, participants commented that the event was very productive and that they would have liked to hear more. Students who participated only in the roundtable session also commented that they had an enjoyable time.

 With the impact of the new coronavirus gradually fading away and the number of students leaving for study abroad programs increasing, this event was able to share the attractions of foreign countries to students who are interested in going overseas. We plan to continue to actively hold study abroad events in the future. 
 In addition, Study Abroad Peer Advisors will be offering study abroad counseling in person from November with no reservations required, so those interested are encouraged to attend.

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